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Plaza de Espana - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

One morning we visited the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It's a vibrating city and as Spanish as you can imagine. You will find parking space at Avenida de Francisco, which is also a good start to explore the city. The Plaza de Espana with its Monumento de los Caidos.

Monumento de los Caidos - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Another photo of the Monumento de los Caidos, remembering those who died during the Spanish Civil War.

Calle Castillo - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

From the Plaza de Espana you can easily access the shopping area in the Calle Castillo. If you are seriously planning to do some shopping, try to avoid the Spanish Siesta during noon and early afternoon - most of the shops will be closed then!

Calle Castillo - Santa Cruz

One of the many beautiful houses directly at the Calle Castillo in Santa Cruz.

Calle Castillo - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This is the crossing between Calle Castillo and Calle de Robayna.

Fuente del Amor - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Created by artist Achille Canessa from Genova, this is the Love Fountain (Fuente del Amor) at the Plaza de Weyler at the end of Calle Castillo.

Plaza de Weyler - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Another photo of the Plaza de Weyler. The place had originally been built for the cavallery in 1874, but today it provides a nice place in the shadows to relax from the shopping frenzy.

Plaza de los Patos - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This is the Plaza 25 de Julio, situated in the middle of georgous villas. It is completely covered with tiles. And the fountain in the middle features a duck and several frogs. That's why the locals just call it "Duck Place" (Plaza de los Patos).

Plaza 25 de Julio - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Another photo of the Plaza 25 de Julio with its tiled benches (called "Azulejo" benches), magnificient palm trees, and beautiful villas.

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