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Chinese Garden Zürich

If you head down south from the Bellevueplatz, you will most likely come to the Chinese Garden, one of the attractions of the city.


And then, just a few steps away from the Chinese Garden, you'll get to the Restaurant Lake Side. From here, you have a fantastic view across the east coast of the Lake Zurich ("Zürichsee"), which is also nick-named the "Gold Coast" - for two reasons: One, they have the beautiful sunlight, even in the evening, and two, the houses here are incredible expensive!

Museum Rietberg Zurich

We took the ferry across the lake towards its western coast and went up to the Rietberg Museum, which was unfortunately under construction when we arrived. It's a good idea to walk slowly back to the city center from here. If the weather is nice, you can easily walk the distance.

Kirche Zürich

On your walk back to the city center, we recommend a short break at this beautiful church (er, yes, I forgot to write down the name of the church - sorry for that).

River Limmat Zurich

Another view across the river Limmat, this time from the Quaibrücke.

Public Train Transport Zurich

You will soon find out that the most convenient way to move around Zurich is the public train transport. It's fast, it's clean, it's affordable. And it's amazingly reliable: the trains come with the precision of a swiss watch. :-)

Beachvolleyball Zurich

If you follow the Limmat up North, you will find these free Beachvolleyball courts where often teams of amateurs and semi-professionals enjoy the warmth of the last sunbeams while having a small competition.

Alternative Szene Zurich

Also situated at the Limmat River, you will find this building with several 'alternative' shops. But don't be afraid - the folks hanging around here are friendly and just enjoying the sun.

Schweizerisches Landesmuseum Zürich

The Swiss National Museum ("Schweizerisches Landesmuseum") is located right behind the main central station, and is always worth a visit (both changing and fixed exhibitions). But now let's hop over to Berne, the georgeous captial of Switzerland...

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