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Reading The Financial Times Zurich

And while Rolf, Petra, and Ina are enjoying the view from the Lindenhof viewing platform, a (very relaxed!) guy is reading the latest issue of The Financial Times. It's moments like this when you realize that Zurich is indeed one of the hottest places on the money market.

Restaurant Bahnhofstr Zürich

We continue our walk on the western part of the city. This restaurant at the Bahnhofstrasse is just preparing to open for lunch.

Bürkliplatz Flea Market Zurich

On Saturdays you will want to go to the Bürkliplatz, and you may find a medium sized flea market there. Just browse through the many very special items, and you may find your perfect souvenir from Zurich.

Bürkliplatz Zürich

Another photo of the Bürkliplatz and its small garden.

Arboretum Zürich

Arboretum is one of the popular small parks on the west bank of the Zürichsee. It is a part of the small quai of the city. Since 1985 it is maintained using a "natural garden" approach.


A small motorboat sets out for the Zürichsee, against the glistening sun. Oh, life in Zurich is cool!

Ganymede Zürichsee

This statue of Ganymede from Greek mythology can be found on a walkway by Lake Zurich, close to the Bürkliplatz again.

Bellevueplatz Zürichsee Zürich

One of the Zürichsee passenger ferries passes by in front of the Bellevueplatz.

Bellevueplatz Zürich

The Bellevueplatz is very popular for its proximity to the old town of Zürich. People use it during the lunch break to relax and to talk with their colleagues, or simply to enjoy the sun.

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