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San Giovanni di Sinis Sardinien

Now we are getting closer to the tower. If you take a close look - there are two people standing next to the tower. This gives you an impression on how tall the tower actually is.

San Giovanni di Sinis

And here we are, on the top of the tower, and take a look back at the village of San Giovanni di Sinis and its beautiful seaside beaches. (They do have more protected beaches that face east. There you won't have any waves and much less wind!)

Capo San Marco

We continue our walk towards the Capo San Marco, leaving the tower behind us.

Perfect view of Capo San Marco Peninsula

This is my favorite shot, not only because it has Petra in it (taking a picture), but also because the view is just perfect. You see San Giovanni di Sinis in the back, the omnipresent tower, the crashing waves on the left and the calm sea on the right. And if you look closely (again), then you will also spot the Tharros site. :-)

Tharros - San Giovanni di Sinis

Of course, we took a shot of the Tharros site from the public footpath, so you have at least an impression of what its like. (We did not visit the site, because we are not exactly the archeological types.)

Capo San Marco Lighthouse

Ah, we don't want to leave this beautiful spot without showing you the Capo San Marco lighthouse, which marks the southern tip of the peninsula.

su Pallosu Sardinia

We then went to the beach (between Punta Maimoni and Punta is Arutas) which was very nice yet not so spectacular to actually shoot a photo for this site. And then, towards the late afternoon, we did another sidetrip to the village of su Pallosu. It is located at the northern tip of the Sinis peninsula. (No, I don't know what the people are looking for.)

su Pallosu Sardegna

This is another shot of the northern beach of su Pallosu. Clear blue-green water. the light of the late afternoon sun. And the best -Costa Verde- is yet to come!

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