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Colonia Marina di Funtanazza

If you think, the abandoned mines of Montevecchio and Ingurtosu are bizarre, then you have to visit the Colonia Marina di Funtanazza. This was a holiday retreat for the miners' children.

Funtanazza Sardegna

It had been inaugurated in 1956 and had been in operation until 1983, surviving the closure of the mines in Montevecchio. They had it all: Tennis courts, big public swimming pool, soccer fields, and...

Funtanazza Beach

...a beautiful, secluded beach. It's still a nice spot for vacation. If you do not turn around to see the ruins of the buildings.

Casa Al Mare Francesco Sartori

The ugliest building certainly is the "Casa Al Mare Francesco Sartori", and it looks as if some tropical storm has destroyed it.

Casa Al Mare Francesco Sartori Funtanazza

You get to Funtanazza by driving from Montevecchio towards Marina di Arbus. But when the road turns left for marina di Arbus, you continue driving ahead for another 100 meters and then turn left to Funtanazza.

Ruins of Colonia Marina di Funtanazza

We found the ruins of Costa Verde quite bizarre. It certainly is a good lesson that nothing lasts forever. Then again, it is somewhat sad to see that these areas have not been properly broken-down.

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