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Piazza Yenne Cagliari

Piazza Yenne is busy at all times of the day.

Via Giuseppe Mannu Cagliari

View across Cagliari downtown - here: Via Giuseppe Mannu. This is one of the finest shopping districts of the city.

Bastione de Saint Remy Cagliari

The is the Terrazza Umberto with plenty of palm trees and a restaurant. From here, you have awesome views across most of Cagliari.

Caffe degli Spiriti Cagliari

The Caffe degli Spiriti seen from the Bastione de Saint Remy. We had a refreshing Espresso here. Nice.

View across Cagliari from the Bastione de Saint Remy

Another view across Cagliari, this time from the Bastione de Saint Remy towards North-East.

Cagliari Wedding Photos

The panorama from the Terrazza Umberto is a popular spot for Wedding Photographers. Here we were lucky to see a couple that got married a few minutes ago at the Duomo. They walked all the way down to the Terrazza during the midday heat (it was 1:30 pm). I saw two photographers and one videographer. Phew. That's a lot of attention for the couple. (Shameless self promotion alert: Here is my wedding photo site. ;-)

I Love You

And I wonder whether this graffiti, that we found on the benches of Terrazza Umberto, was actually done by the groom (we saw in the previous picture)? We will never know, but I somehow like the thought that this couple might have met at the Terrazza, maybe secretly, and one day he scribbled down this simple, powerful sentence: "I Love You".

Interior of Duomo Santa Maria Cagliari

The interior of the Duomo Santa Maria. Stunning.

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