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X-Yachts at Laboe Yacht Harbour (2004)

Finally, we reached Laboe again where we began our trip a week ago. A number of very cool X-Yachts met on the other pier for a race the next morning. In the night they had quite a party going on.


This is the old harbour of Laboe. Here you will find some of the best fish restaurants in the Kiel area.

Sunset at AIDA Blu

We walked along the beach promenade, and suddenly the AIDA Blu could be seen leaving Kiel for her next trip.

AIDA Blu Kiel

We were not the only ones being envious for the people on board the AIDA... :-)

Sunset Laboe Kiel

Two more beautiful sunset shots. The Sony camera impresses me again and again. It does handle even the most difficult lighting situations with absolute ease...

Sunset Sony DSC-P 72

The Sony DSC-P 72 even manages a frontal shot against the sun, providing us with long lasting memories of this fantastic sailing trip.

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