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View across Rome

If you'd ask me which of the two photos from this viewpoint is my favourite (the upright one / see previous photo) or this one, I would not hesitate for a single second - it's clearly this one. I like it so much, because (to me) the oval colonnades resemble protecting hands with the focus on the column in the very center of the Piazza. Yes, this is it!

Interior St. Peter's Dome Rome

View into the Basilica from the top of the Dome.

Interior Basilica San Pietro

Once you descend from the roof into the Basilica you will be astonished of its magnitude and beauty. Tip for photographers: they do not allow tripods in the Basilica, so you should use super-fast film or a suitable setting for your digital camera.

Basilica San Pietro Roma

Another photo from the beautiful Basilica. I took this shot without tripod and without leaning on something - not bad I would say. :-) In any case you can forget about using the flash, because most flashes cannot capture the subtle lighting conditions properly.

Bernini Altar San Pietro Roma

The Pope's altar marks the center of the Basilica and was designed by Bernini, the great designer of the middle ages.

St. Peter's Dome Rome

A photo of the ceiling of St. Peter's Dome - simply stunning and beautiful.

St. Peter's Dome Rome

The interior of St. Peter.

Holy St. Peter Rome

This is the statue of the Holy St. Peter - believers queue in front of the statue in order to kiss the feet of the statue. It has been created by Arnolfo di Cambio in the 13th century.

Catacombs of the Vatican

One of the graves in the catacombs in the basement of the Vatican. While there is nothing, let's say, spectacular about them, it is still an emotional experience to walk by those age-old graves of the former popes.

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