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Piazza del Campidoglio

On this hill the ancient Roman government had their seat, and here is todays municipal government located. Almost all Roman weddings are happening in these offices. In the centre of the piazza you will see a copy of a Marcus Aurelius statue (the original can be found at the Palazzo Nuovo).

Via del Teatro di Marcello

This is the Via del Teatro di Marcello, seen from the Vittoriano. You can clearly see the Teatro Marcello in the back, built 17 BC. It's amazing to see the traffic rushing by just next to these old buildings.

Teatro di Marcello Roma

Another photo of the Teatro di Marcello.

Teatro di Marcello Rome

Another photo of the Teatro di Marcello, this time seen from the former Jewish Ghetto at Via del Portico.

Santa Maria in Cosmedin

This is the most beautiful church tower of Rome, the tower of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. It is located at the Piazza della Bocca della Verita, which marks the end of this short walk.

Bocca della Verita

Right before you enter the church Santa Maria in Cosmedin, you will be able to test your truth - just put your hand into the mouth of the mask ("Bocca della Verita" means the "Fountain of Truth"), and see whether if gets chopped off (thanks to Petra for demonstrating it here). If you pull out your hand intact, everything is fine. :-)

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