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A detailed view of the opposite side. All-in-all, the Colosseum resembles pretty much a modern stadium.

Chiesa di Stanta Francesca Romana

View of the Piazza del Colosseo: Horse carraiges are waiting for tourists, and in the back you can see the Chiesa di Stanta Francesca Romana.

Piazza del Colosseo

Another shot of the outer walls of the Colosseum: To protect against the sun, the Romans could close a sun roof. Even today, the anchors for this can be seen on the top of the building!

Size of the Colosseum

This photo shows the size of the theater - it's simply huge!

Arco di Constantino

Next to the Colosseum you will find the Arco di Constantino. This arch had been built in 315 to celebrate the victory of Emperor Constantin over Maxentius just three years before.

Constantine's Arch Rome

Basically, the artwork on this arch had been "recycled" from other sources. That's why the statues look so different in size and quality (well, to the experts).

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