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D-ANOY, Munich Airport, Germany

A shot I did last summer - I was bored, and the evening sky turned out to be extremely beautiful. So I took my equipment and rushed to the Munich airport, heading for the visitors area. There are three historic planes on display, among them this impressing Junkers 52/3m. It carries the registration D-ANOY and the name "Rudolf von Thüna". In 1937 Carl August Freiherr von Gablenz was the first to cross the Pamir mountains in an airplane, and he used this very reliable model for his flight.

The plane on display at the airport in Munich is a detailed reconstruction of the historic plane. You can even visit its interior to get an impression how the 14 passengers actually travelled (hint: not very comfortable).
Read further information on D-ANOY in German.

And while you are at the visitor park, you should climb the observation platform atop the 28-metre Viewing Hill. 172 steps take you there. Enjoy the excellent views of the terminal, the apron and activities on both runways.

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