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Avis Rental Car Namibia

Our car was heavily dusted after roughly 2,800 km (1,740 miles) - and this part, between Kuiseb Pass and Solitaire was clearly the worst road of our trip. What had happened? There were roadworks on this part, and the workers left lane grooves that got deeper and deeper by the mile. At some point the gravel would hit the underbody of our car loudly, but we could not safely change the lanes, because there it seemed to be even worse. Bad. Very very bad. We progressed slowly, hoping that this was the worst part. So, the whole leg from Walvis Bay to Solitaire (about 235 km / 146 mi) took us five hours (without the stops at Vogelfederberg and Kuiseb Canyon). That's why we strongly recommend a 4x4 for your trip to Namibia. We will NOT go for a sedan again here, regardless of what other people, guidebooks, or officals, might tell you.
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