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Red Rocks at Twyfelfontein Namibia

Just an impression of the red rocks surrounding the Twyfelfontein Lodge. In fact, the whole area looks like this: rugged, inhospitable, dry.

Guided Tour to Bushman Paintings Namibia

The Twyfelfontein area is renowned for some of the best examples of Bushman paintings and rock engravings in southern Africa. About a ten minutes drive away from the lodge you will have access to the famous "Twyfelfontein Paintings". As the paintings are quite vulnerable, you may only visit the site with a local guide. There are tours for 30 and 60 minutes. We had still a long drive ahead, so we decided to go for the short tour.

Bushman Paintings Twyfelfontein

The short tour at the Twyfelfontein site is also known as the "Dancing Kudu Route". Nice. :-)

Bushman Painting Namibia

In order to give you an impression of the beautiful, very old bushman paintings you can see at Twyfelfontein, here are just three of the panels. This is the major panel, the "Dancing Kudu". As for the interpretation of this - I'll leave it to the researchers to find out what this exactly means. I am just stunned by the fact that some of these paintings are said to be up to 6,000 years old.

Bushman Painting Twyfelfontein

This bushman painting shows a giraffe...

Bushman Paintings at Twyfelfontein

...while this painting shows a group of Kudu.

Twyfelfontein Valley Namibia

This is a view across the Twyfelfontein Valley, and I can almost feel how the hunters must have felt, sitting here, waiting for some animals to show up or watching them stroll by, taking a rock and creating some of those paintings. :-)

Lion's Jaw Rock at Twyfelfontein

A famous view from Twyfelfontein, this is the "Lion's Jaw Rock", getting its name from its very unusual formation...

Lion's Jaw Rock Namibia

Petra captured me while doing the previous photo, so it actually looks like I am in the Lion's Jaw...! Ouch!

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