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Sundowner trip with the Sossusvlei Adventure Center

Our sturdy open 4x4 Jeep was effortlessly moving on the soft sand, while the sun was casting long shadows already.

Sundowner trip with Bernharth of the Sossusvlei Adventure Center

Bernharth was driving the Jeep with great patience. Every now and then he would stop the vehicle, point to something in the distance and tell an interesting story about the life so close to the desert.

Sundowner Trip Sossusvlei

The light was getting better by the minute, and I captured this dead tree with a pyramid-shaed mountain in the back. Awesome.

How did Bushmen live in Namibia?

Bernharth explains that the bushmen of the past hid under bold rocks when they were on a hunting trip. The rocks protected the men from the heat of the sun and from rain during the rainy season. Also, animals would not spot them too early.

Petra Zanzig Namibia

A beautiful shot of Petra in the incredibly warm light of the sunset. She looks happy, and I am happy. Yes, I love her. :-)

Enjoying the sunset at Sossusvlei Lodge

There were eight other tourists with us in the sundowner trip, and so I captured this moment where a tourist enjoys the approaching sunset while Bernharth prepares the table for the drinks. Can life get any better?

Sundowner trip with the Sossusvlei Adventure Center

As one of the guests had ordered a bottle of Champagne, Bernharth left the portioning of the drinks to the guy who had ordered it.

Enjoying a cold Windhoek Lager

Mark enjoys a bottle of cold Windhoek Lager while gazing at the sunset. Another fantastic day comes to an end.

Sunset Sesriem

And then the sun was hitting the horizon. Awesome.

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