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Namib Desert Aerial

Now we were leaving the main area of the dunes, heading for the Atlantic Ocean. The dunes were getting smaller and smaller, yet still interesting to watch.

Desert see from the air

Here we see another set of smaller dunes.

Scenic flight across the Namib-Naukluft-Park

The sun was quite low already now, casting long shadows and adding contrast and depth to these wonderful dunes.

Star-shaped dune aerial

And finally, a perfect example for a star-shaped dune.

Old Diamond Miner's Camps Namibia Aerial

Then we reached the old diamond miner's camps, situated in the middle of nowhere (really) and in fact nothing more than a dozen derelict tents from a time long gone. Parts of the Namib desert are still restricted today, just in case that there might be more diamonds hidden in the sand.

Approaching the Atlantic Ocean Aerial

When we finally reached the Atlantic Ocean, the weather had changed completely. Instead of a warm sunlight we were greeted by heavy clouds. Some sunbeams, however, made their way to the ground and provided a good photo opportunity for me. :-)

Sea Lions Colony Aerial

We flew towards north along the coast, and we saw several sea lion colonies. I selected this photo, because one of the sea lions seems to conduct his band of sea lions (just like a bandmaster does). :-)

Stern of the S.W. Edward Bohlen Namibia

And then the (formerly) majestic wreck of the Edward Bohlen came up. It was nosed into the dunes, full of sand already, but it still looked like a ship, much more so than the Seal in the Skeleton Coast National Park that we saw earlier during our trip.

Ship Wreck Edward Bohlen

Another photo of the Edward Bohlen, this time providing a view on the full body of the ship. The wreck from 1909 now lies far inland from the beach, which makes you wonder how it actually got there?

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