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After Sunset at the Namib-Desert-Lodge

I happily made more photos of the lodge, because the light was incredible now.

After Sunset at the Namib-Desert-Lodge

This one shows the view from our bungalow with a full moon - the light was still good enough to take some decent photos.

After Sunset at the Namib-Desert-Lodge

Here you can clearly see the waterhole of the Namib Desert Lodge. There might be some animals coming up in the evening or night, but we felt that our experience at the Etosha Park could not be exceeded. For those, however, who just arrived in Namibia, it may be exciting to watch the waterhole. :-)

Tree after sunset, Namibia

A fantastic photo of a tree, contrasting well with the last beams of sunlight in the background.

Full moon over Namib-Desert-Lodge

When we returned from dinner, we noticed that the full moon was fully illuminating the area. I tried to capture that moment at ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/60 second. What do you think?

Swimming Pool at Namib-Desert-Lodge

While it is just 65 kilometers (40 miles) to the Sesriem and to the main entrance of the Sossusvlei, we needed a break. We simply could not take those bumpy gravel roads any longer. We needed to relax. So we stayed the longest part of the next day at the swimming pool. And we decided to go for that very special adventure in the afternoon...!

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