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Beach Cala Santanyi

This is the beach of Cala Santanyi, which is actually situated 3.5 km outside of Santanyi. While it is just a small beach, it offers three restaurants and several nice appartments and hotels nestled around the beach.

Cala Santanyi Mallorca

Another photo of Cala Santanyi with its chrystal clear blue-green water. It's a joy to swim here, and it's safe - no big waves, no rocks on the ground.

Cala Santanyi

Next to the beach you have an area for small ships, mostly used by divers who start their daytrip here.

Cala Llombards Mallorca

View across Cala Llombards, from the southern side of the bay. In the distance (on the right side) you can see the entrance for Cala Santanyi.

Beach Cala Llombards

This is the beautiful beach of Cala Llombards. We had our hotel in this village, which turned out to be a bit of a problem as we wanted to explore the whole island. Not very smart if you book a hotel in the south-east of the island!

View from Hotel Poesia Cala Llombards Mallorca

This is the awesome view from our hotel room at the Hotel Poesia. For some strange reason I woke up at 5 am, right before sunrise, and I stumbled to the patio, grabbing the camera to capture the scenery. The mountains of the Serra de Llevant provided a shield for the rising sun. The result: beautiful contrast, with some nightly fog still lingering between the trees. - About the hotel: The Casa Poesia is rather simple, yet very cozy and quiet. Plus the staff is very friendly, managing the house in a family style, more like a B&B than a hotel. So we definitely recommend to consider it if you plan to stay in the Santanyi area.

Colonia de San Jordi Mallorca

Colonia de San Jordi is a modern village in the Campos/Santanyi area with a small working harbour. But it is not too crowded, and you will not find any tall appartment complexes. Restaurants line up at the beach promenade (C. Gabriel Roca). We enjoyed delicious food at the Marisol Bar with views acrss the beach and the yacht harbour.

Colonia Sant Jordi Mallorca

This is one of the beaches of Colonia Sant Jordi. The sun was very low already and casted long shadows, but it was still warm, and the people were only slowly packing their stuff to go home.

Es Trenc Mallorca

This is the beach called Platja de la Rapita. It is part of the long and unspolit natural Es Trenc beach, located just north of Colonia de San Jordi. You will find tourists only on the first one hundred meters or so (because this part is close to the bar and the parking lots) - after that you will be more or less alone on the beach!

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