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Cafe Palma de Mallorca

Shadow is one of the most welcome things during the heat around noon and early afternoon. People catch a nice table in one of the many street cafes, like here at the Pl. Weyler...

Relaxing Palma de Mallorca

...or here at the "Cafe De Sa Rambla" at the Passeig de la Rambla.

Bodega La Rambla Palma

Others go straight into one of the restaurants, like here at the "Bodega La Rambla" (again, at the Passeig de la Rambla).

Carrer Oms Palma

A waiter writes the daily specials to a blackboard, at the Carrer Oms in Palma.

Passeig des Born Palma

The alley Passeig des Born used to be a pretty meeting place for the Majorcines. However, since the city cut back on the trees, taking their shadows as well, the Born is not too inviting any longer, at least not when it's hot.

Balearic Marines Monument, Palma de Mallorca

Once you proceed from the town center to the harbour, you will notice the monuments dedicated to the Balearic Marines. The text says: "A Los Heroes del Crucero Baleares - Gloria A La Marina Nacional - Viva Espana"

Llotja Palma de Mallorca

Let's walk along the harbour at the Avinguda de Gabriel Roca. This is one of the beautiful gothic windows of "The Llotja". It is one of the most impressing buildings of Palma. While it looks like a church, it was the merchants center in former days.

Avinguda de Gabriel Roca Palma

This is the small green next to the Avinguda de Gabriel Roca, separating the street from the harbour.

Historical Windmill Palma de Mallorca

This old windmill can be found opposite Palma's yacht harbour, at the Carrer dels Gambins, right next to the old city walls.

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