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Small Street Palma de Mallorca

This is one of the many tiny streets right behind the cathedral. Small shops offer everything from gifts to wine, from books to clothes.

Placa Major, Palma de Mallorca

The Placa Major marks the city center of Palma, with many restaurants and cafes, and a market (Saturdays). The place is a huge rectangle surrounded by appartment houses, and a lot of self-appointed artists (like the Zorro in the lower right corner of the photo) can be found here during high season.

Placa Major Mallorca

But some of these artists tend to be noisy (for example, the omni-present music groups from Peru). The situation clearly has gotten out of control over time, and the neighbors are voicing their quiet protest with big signs that read "No Invasiones Barbaras", "Ibasta ya de ruidos", "Aqui vivimos personas", and "El ayunta miento no comple la ley".

Old Town Mallorca

I also prefer the silent arts, like painting. :-) Here, a graphic artist is waiting for customers in the old town of Mallorca, but these keep just strolling by - desinterested.

Sant Miquel, Palma de Mallorca

At the Placa de Marre de Seu, you'll find the Church Sant Miquel. It is very popular with the Majorcins, as its interior is beautiful and fully intact.

Carrer Sant Miquel, Palma de Mallorca

A bit further up the street Carrer Sant Miquel we recommend to visit this beautifully decorated backyard with changing art exhibitions.

Mercado Olivar Palma de Mallorca

A must-see is the Mercado Olivar, the most beautiful and most complete market in Palma. This photo shows one of the side entrances where tourists are just enjoying the come and go of the shopping crowd.

Mercado Olivar Mallorca

At the Mercado Olivar you can get any food you can imagine in a superior quality - be it fresh fish (see photo), meat, bread, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and more. Plus, the building is fully climatized, so it is a perfect stop on a hot day.

Shopping Palma de Mallorca

The Avinguda Jaume III is basically the high street of Palma. Here you will find many major brands but also smaller shops with very personal service. If you're into shopping, this is your place! :-)

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