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Sa Calobra

But Sa Calobra has one more attraction - the Torrent de Pareis which can be reached by a short five-minute walk through several narrow tunnels. The walk will offer you awesome views on the Cala de Sa Calobra (just like this one and the next couple of photos).

Mallorca Sailing

This yacht is visiting Cala de Sa Calobra and is moored at the Torrent de Pareis. The crew is -after an exhausting sailing trip- preparing to take a refreshing bath in the clear water of the bay.

Secluded Beach Mallorca

Tourists are taking a bath in the Cala de Sa Calobra close to the Torrent de Pareis, the secluded beach on the north-west of Mallorca. It takes some time to get there, especially if you consider the drive to the village itself, but we are certain that you will enjoy this place as we did when we were there!

Torrent de Pareis Mallorca

This is a view back into the Torrent de Pareis, the canyon and small river that ends in the sea. You can hike the canyon, but watch out for rain! When it rains, the river may swell quickly and you have no chance to get away from the flood.

Beach Torrent de Pareis

That's why we recommend to stay at the tiny beach. It is very crowded, but you get used to it! :-)

Sierra de Tramuntana Mallorca

A final photo impression from our sidetrip to Sa Calobra: the mountains close to the village. But now let's move on to see some of Mallorca's culture...

Bishop Campins Lluc Mallorca

Between Sa Calobra and Selva you should visit the Sanctuary of Lluc ("Monestir de Lluc"), built around 1250. From the exhibition: "Lluc is, above all, a place of prayer, the words of the heart spoken aloud. Pere-Joan Campins, Bishop of Mallorca between 1898 and 1915, was a great protector of the Sanctuary. His statue (see photo) represents his prayers that mingle with those of the humble people of Mallorca, who communicate with the Virgin with the votive candles..."

Sanctuary Lluc Mallorca

"... In this square, in front of the church building, the commotion of the outside world starts to fade away and is replaced by a sense of worship. At Lluc, the living God calls out to all men and turns no one away." - Indeed, the Sanctuary is still a quiet place, despite all the tourists that come here to experience the silence. :-)

Lluc Mallorca

Next to the main square, you will find a restaurant and a small hotel, offering simple rooms (the hotel is run by the Sanctuary).

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