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Gravedona Lago di Como

Here a zoomed shot of the historic church Santa Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona which we are now going to visit.

Santa Maria del Tiglio Gravedona

Santa Maria del Tiglio is one of the important historic witnesses of the period where Romans stayed in Como. It is located right next to the parish church San Vincenco, right at the lakeside. It originates back to the 12th century, and you can admire some of the original interiors in the ruin and in the basement of the San Vincenzo.

Santa Maria del Tiglio

Here is just one of the original plates that can be found in the basement of the church. There are many more, and it is certainly worth a visit.

Santa Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona Italy

A full outside shot of the historic church Santa Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona.

San Vincenzo Church in Gravedona Italy

Here is the interior of the church San Vincenzo in Gravedona - the church is still active, and when we visited the church there was a small basket of flowers placed in the middle of the main aisle, waiting for an upcoming ceremony.

Santa Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona Lago di Como

This is the church Santa Maria del Tiglio seen from the lake.

Gravedona Italy

This is the northern end of Gravedona, with the Belvedere (top left) and the Palazzo Gallio (bottom right). The Palazzo Gallio was built in the 16th century. It is a sturdy building featuring one tower at each of the buildings corners. Today, it is the seat of the Communita Montana Alto Lario Occidentale. Here, several public events take place throughout the year like concerts and art exhibitions.

Belvedere Gravedona Italy

The tower of the building at the Belvedere (lookout) of Gravedona, right above Piazza Mazzini. Today, the "Corpo filarmonico gravedonese" ("The Philharminoc Corps of Gravedona") is located here.

Belvedere Gravedona Italia

This is the small platform that overlooks Gravedona. A bench, two trees, and...

Gravedona Lookout Italy

...a fantastic view across the town and the lake!

Gravedona Beach

At the southern end of the town you will find the football stadium and the beach ("lido") of Gravedona. While it is not the most beautiful beach you've ever seen, it is the perfect place on a warm summer day. You can access the beach from Via Roma. There is plenty of parking space, so it's easy to get there.

Gravedona in the evening

Gravedona gets rather quiet as the sun sets behind the mountains, casting long shadows that create a magnificent panorama.

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