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Gravedona seen from the lake

Welcome to Gravedona, a village situated at the western shore of Lago di Como (Lake Como). Here we stayed in the summer of 2011 for about a week, and we had a great time! Before we start to explore the lake, let's have a quick walk around Gravedona...

Gravedona (Como) harbour

This is the tiny harbour of Gravedona. It sits directly at the main Piazza of the village.

Harbour of Gravedona (Co)

Another shot of Gravedona harbour, this time looking north, with the magnificient Palazzo Gallio in the back. As you can already see, we had terrific weather during our stay with high temperatures and sunshine every day, and very little clouds.

Postcard shot of Gravedona Lago di Como

Here we climbed the viewpoint above Piazza Mazzini and captured a classical postcard panorama of Gravedona. You can see the Piazza Mazzini (bottom right), the long promenade (Viale Umberto I) with the pier for the passenger ferries, and the historic church of Santa Maria del Tiglio (in the back).

Lago di Como seen from Gravedona

A beautiful shot of the lake in the morning (9:35 a.m.): The sun reflects and sparkles in the water, and you know it's going to be an awesome summer day.

Gelateria in Gravedona

An old yellow delivery bike is parked in front of the Gelateria (the icecream shop) at the Viale Umberto I. It looks like it is not in use any more, but it certainly adds atmosphere to the cafe.

Hotel d'Italie Gravedona (Co)

The Hotel d'Italie certainly adds atmosphere to the village, too, but one wonders how it could possibly happen that it now is now just a hotel ruin that has been closed for business. The building probably waits to be torn down and replaced by a modern hotel (what a pity).

Italian Impression

Here's just a nice Italian impression that we found at the Piazza Carvour, right next to the local post office.

Gravedona post office

Like every real Italian village, Gravedona has its own post office at the Piazza Carvour. When you are lucky, you will even find a parking lot right in front of the building. :-)

Gravedona (Co) photo impression

Next to the historic church S. Maria de Tiglio we found these huge palm trees. Their presence already indicates that the climate at the Lago di Como must be nice, very nice.

Panorama photo of Gravedona and Lago di Como

Here is another panorama shot of Gravedona, this time looking south, showing the lake surrounded by the mountains.

Lago di Como photo impression

And here we look once more towards north, this time showing just the lake in the morning sun.

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