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Dervio - Lago di Como

We head for Varenna, but take a stop in Dervio. Dervio is a medium sized town that can also be reached by ferry so you do not have to drive all the way from Gravedona to actually visit the town.

Inner courtyard found in Dervio, Italy

Dervio is a typical Italian town with many nice views, even if it may just be a nice entrance to a courtyard of a house.

Church of Dervio

The church of Dervio. On the right-hand-side of the church you will find the way up to the "Orrido Gorge".

L'Orrido di Bellano

The "Orrido Gorge" (officially: "L'Orrido di Bellano") is a natural gorge that has formed over the past 15 million years. You can visit the gorge, and when we did this, there was an exhibition of life-sized dinosaurs. Quite bizarre, but then again, if you consider the age of the gorge, it might be alright.

The Gorge of Bellano Dervio

Day and night the fresh blue-green water pours down the gorge.

Orrido Boardwalk

The boardwalk within the gorge can be easily managed (but it is not wheelchair accessible).

Boardwalk L'orrido di Bellano

With a loud roar the water darts out of the gorge and falls towards the lake.

Dervio L'orrido di Bellano

While the boardwalk is rather short, it provides many awesome views like this...

L'Orrido di Bellano Dervio

...and this. Here, at the end of the tour, you can have a nice picknick or just enjoy the peace of the scenery.

Traditional Boat On Lake Como

We decided to take a cappuccino at the ferry terminal in Dervio, and while we sat there a traditional rowing boat of the Lago di Como passed us in the distance. Interesting way to move forward.

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