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Como - Lago di Como

And this is the city that gave the lake its name: Como, seen here from the water.

Como - Bar Gelateria Il Battello Del Lario

The "Bar Gelateria Il Battello Del Lario" is located on the old passenger ferry "Lario" at Como's lakeside. Unfortunately, when we visited the city, the gelateria was closed. It was a warm summer day, so an ice cream would have been highly welcome.

Como - Harbour Impression

Another impression of Como's harbour: a boat named "Grifone".

Como Pedal Boats

A couple of pedal boats wait for customers at the Lungolago Mafalda Di Savoia. I think these are interesting (a) because of their bright red and yellow colour which really act as contrast to the blue and green of the lake, and (b) because of their design: these pedalos seem to be not the typical boats you might find anywhere else in Europe, but they seem to come directly from the 1960s. Lovely.

Como Speedboat

Another (expensive) speedboat is tied to the piers of the harbour. Again, this boat with its polished wooden deck reminds me of the 1960s, and I could envision some American celebrity speeding across the lake in this boat to get to his home. ;-)

Travel Guide Lago Di Como

A set of travel guides waits at a newsstand for customers. Looking at the languages confirms our impression that the folks who come to visit the lake, are pretty international. There is: "O3EPO KOMO" (Russian), "Lac de Come" (French), "Comer See" (Deutsch), "Lake Como" (English), "Lago de Como" (Spanish), a Japanese edition and -of course- "Lago di Como" (Italian). Guess what? I can understand why everybody want to be here! It's simply beautiful.

Como Newsstand

This is a typical Italian newsstand with newspapers, magazines, maps, postcards, toys (!) and caps.

Como Duomo

The dome of Como. Construction began in 1396 and was completed (with the facade) during the 15th century when the Renaissance was already en voge. However, this church still looks gothic (and in fact, Germanic) as the entire region had been under German influence for a long time.

Como Broletto

This is the "Broletto di Como", which was originally the home of the municipality of Como. However, at some point in time (1764) the municipality moved out. It is used today for conferences and art exhibitions.

Como Dome

A view along the south-eastern side of the Duomo di Como.

Streets of Como

Como has been able to conserve the typical Italian flair that is so attractive for us tourists: Life happens much more on the streets than in northern Europe.

Como Alessandro Volta

This statue is dedicated to Alessandro Volta, a physicist and most likely the greatest son of Como. In 1800 Volta invented the battery here in Como - that's why you get the power indicated in Volts. Throughout his lifetime he gathered titles from the scientific world and many other honors.

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