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Bellagio - Lago di Como

Unless you stay in Como, the best way to approach Bellagio is by boat. We did this, too, and so we were greeted by the pier of this touristic jewel on the lake.

Bellagio Steep Stairs

Bellagio depends to a certain degree on day tourists, so before a ferry arrives, the streets are more or less empty...

Bellagio Streets

...but this changes as soon as another ferry has hit the pier, bringing new people to the town. These tourists then enter the town, visiting shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Bellagio Views

One of the attractions certainly are the many small and narrow streets that give you that genuine Italian feeling.

Residence La Limonera Bellagio Italy

Right in the center of Bellagio, we found the "Residence La Limonera". It has been built on an ancient lemon tree garden and offers its apartments to tourists today. Nice.

Bellagio Via Roncati

Another narrow street in Bellagio: Via Roncati.

Bellagio Lago di Como

This is probably the most beautiful spot of the town: Salita Serbelloni. You have to walk almost all the way up from the ferry, but then you get to this awesome viewpoint.

Bellagio Viewpoint

This single street light is perfectly positioned with the Salita Serbelloni and its houses in the front, surrounding the light, and the lake in the back. Simply beautiful.

Bellagio Italia

However, we continue our uphill walk and find more views that actually prove that Bellagio is indeed quite green.

Bellagio Salita Cappuccini

When you are in Bellagio, you may consider to visit the somewhat detached eastern quarter of the town as well. Here, at the Salita Cappuccini, you have beautiful views on the Lago di Lecco (which is the part of the lake between Bellagio and Lecco).

Bellagio Salita Cappuccini

Most of the day tourists will stay at Bellagio's town center, so here you can enjoy the tranquility and peace of the location without (too many) other people.

Bellagio Via E. Sfondrati

In this quarter, Bellagio becomes even more genuine like here in the Via E. Sfondrati.

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