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Abbazia di Piona - Lago di Como

Now we head over to the eastern shore of Lago di Como. Our first stop is the Abbazia di Piona, an old monastery that is located on a small peninsula about 8 km south-west of Colico. Here we see the monastery from the garden. The tower is part of the San Nicola church that was built from 1252 to 1257.

Abbazia di Piona - Lake Como

Here is a view of the monastery from the main gate.

Abbazia di Piona

The whole monastery is well kept and provides beautiful views everywhere.

Abbazia di Piona - Monastery at Lago di Como

This is the inner courtyard of the monastery. Once you enter this area, you immediately sense the peace that emminates from the old walls.

Abbazia di Piona - Detail

Here's a detail of one of the walls.

Abbazia di Piona Italy

The view of the monastery from the lake.

Abbazia di Piona - Inner Yard

The inner yard of the monastery with its old aisles.

Abbazia di Piona - Aisle

One of the old aisles of the monastery di Piona.

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