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Hôtel La Cloche Obernai

The Hotel "La Cloche" is situated right in the town center of Obernai, just across the town hall. The building is from the 14th century and under historical protection today.

Chateau d'Ortenburg

You will find the Chateau d'Ortenburg between Dambach and Schwerwiller. The castle was built in 1262 by Rudolf von Habsburg as protection against the bishop of Strasbourg. About 30 years later, in 1293, the castle was destroyed and is just a ruin since then.

Chateau d'Ortenburg Scherwiller

There is a nice walk up to the ruin, and you can even rest and have a picnic in the shadow of the castle.

Colmar Petit Venise

This is the city of Colmar. It also has a historic old town which sports intact buildings that have been well renovated. The small river Lauch winds through the town.

La Krutenau Colmar

The quarter is called La Krutenau, but everybody calls it just "Petit Venise" (Little Venice).

Little Venice Colmar

One final shot of Petit Venise.

Historic Town Center Colmar

This is the beautiful historic town center of Colmar, simply stunning.

Storks in Munster Alsace

Alsace is not only very popular with humans, but also with storks! In former times they could be found everywhere in this region, but today they are quite rare. However, in the small town of Munster, they have occupied many roofs, giving the town a quite unique landmark.

Storks Alsace

If you are looking for a typical gift from Alsace, we recommend to go for some wine (obviously) - and stuffed storks!

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