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Highland Cattle Skye

The next morning we started directly towards the northern tip of the Isle of Skye. We had not seen that many highland cattle on our trip so far, and we were quite surprised to find quit ea number of them just outside Kilvaxter. They are very impressing: huge, but rather peaceful. But we still recommend to not come too close (or get between them and their calves) as they can also be quite fast!

Highland Cattle Kilmuir

Another photo of highland cattle, this one with dark brown fur. Do these guys see anything, or do they rely on their hearing? Well, we don't know, but they look somehow "grungy" and cool. ;-)

Skye Museum of Island Life Kilmuir

This is the Skye Museum of Island Life, located close to Kilmuir. It is a collection of seven thatched cottages showing how people lived here in the older days.

Kilmuir Isle of Skye

Close to Kilmuir is the spot where Bonnie Prince Charlie came over the sea to Skye disguised as Flora MacDonald's maidservant. Therefore, a number of places are connected to these two in this area of the island. And just a few steps next to the Skye Museum of Island Life of Kilmuir you will find Flora MacDonald's grave and monument.

Trotternish Isle of Skye

Another photo of the Northern tip of Skye, also known as Trotternish: Blue skies, deep-blue water, and green farmland with some sheep and very few houses. It's very difficult to not like this beautiful island.

Staffin Bay Skye

This is Staffin Bay, seen from North. It is one of Skye's most pittoresque bays and invites for short walks along the beach.

Quiraing Isle of Skye

Just north of Staffin, we strongly recommend to take the shortcut to Uig, visit "The Quiraing", and do a short hike from the upper car park. The Quiraing is a fascinating natural rock formation, that can be explored on the almost horizontal path from the car park.

Quiraing Skye

While being an easy hiking trail, you should still have at least some basic experience when doing it. People who are sick of heights may have problems as the path is narrow. Anyway, the walk is well worth the time and effort!

Hiking Isle of Skye

The eastern mountains of Trotternish, seen from the Quiraing hiking trail.

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