About this Blog

Mark ZanzigBack in May 2006, I wrote my first blog entry for Zanzig.com (back then hosted at Blogger.com). I wanted to learn about blogging and to use a format that was different from the rest of my site. In fact, I wanted to write about developments on the site and other random musings that came into my mind. So I ran the blog at Blogger for about nine months. The blogging experience was so positive, that I soon found myself blogging regularly.

Then there were some glitches at Blogger, and I switched to my own WordPress implementation. Certainly one of the best moves I made, ever.

If you want to know more about me, please have a look at the page About Zanzig.com – There is no need to duplicate stuff here. You might also be interested in my page on Photo Assignments if you urgently need a press photographer (photo journalist) in Munich, Germany. :-)

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