When updates go wrong

I have been an avid user of SPAMfighter since July (more here), but within the last two days my opinion on the product and the company has changed from “great” to “crap”.

How comes?

Well, the software was working fairly well (just one tiny feature did not work properly for me) until Monday. But I was happy with the product and its capability to kill spam. Then, on Monday, a pop up window suggests to upgrade to the new, improved version 6.0.5 of SPAMfighter. It took just a few clicks to upgrade, and then – nothing. The toolbar with its icons disappeared, and of course the product stopped working. All of a sudden I saw tons of spam mails again.

I visited their homepage to access their support area (on their German site, you have to look for Hilfe). I looked at their FAQ, and found at least two entries that might be applicable for my problem. I tried both of them. They did not work. (By the way, only then I noticed the “repair SPAMfighter” entry in the program folder. It’s not really creating trust in a software product if there already is an option to repair it.)

But heck, their support section said:

How do I get support fast?
If you pay for SPAMfighter Pro you will have Premium Support. This means we will try to answer your questions within a day.

Great! I am a registered user of SPAMfighter Pro. So I sent a mail outlining the problem. Their reaction: complete silence, up to now. Which sucks. I know that they possibly might have better things to do than to answer my support request, but then again, they probably should not make such well sounding statements. Wouldn’t it be more honest to write:

How do I get support fast?
Well, you don’t. Even if you pay, we have no idea when we will get around to solve your problem. And why should we bother in the first place? After all, it’s still your problem, isn’t it?

Of course, this does not sound as good as the promise to answer within 24 hours. Well, anyway, I guess that’s another illusion (“small, smart, honest, and friendly Danish software company does not treat you like dirt as any big company does”) destroyed.

* * *


Apparently, someone in Copenhagen has been reading this blog entry and pushed a new software version (6.0.8) onto the SPAMfighter servers. Which in fact worked for me. The full functionality has been restored. Thanks for that. Nonetheless I will be more reluctant to install future updates. I do not have immediate need for another spam-filled week any time soon. ;-)

One Response to “When updates go wrong”

  1. admin says:

    Update 1 — I received a mail from Paola of their support team. A set of detailed instructions on how to remove the existing installation completely and reinstall the software. It did not work. I replied to them telling them that it did not work. No reply so far.

    Update 2 — I received another mail from their support team regarding my blog entry. Go figure. They say I could call their support team free of charge, “just normal phone charges apply”. To Denmark. Yeah, sure.

    Update 3 — Another email from Paola, pointing me to the “Repair SPAMfighter” option in the program folder. Hilarious! Needless to say, it did not work.