Lightroom Web Galleries – Buggy!

So I wanted to create a DVD for a customer with all the shots from a recent photo shooting, including the high resolution files, and smaller versions for easy handling. And a web gallery. Adobe Lightroom makes us think that this is an easy task. Just select the images, hack in a headline and select a few colors, and off you go. Yep, it’s easy.

Actually, Lightroom displayed a warning message about missing image files after the export which I discounted as bug – I was perfectly able to export the same set of 890 images three times before (three sizes, hence three exports), so all the files were definitely there. But I was curious whether any problems might show up in the final web gallery. And now I am glad I did this, because the web gallery showed some black images starting at image # 169. From there, some images were gone, while others were present. I could see no pattern. I deleted the web gallery and restarted the computer. No change. The image files were reported as “missing”, and the respective images were black in the gallery. I tried to export the photos to 800 pixel constrained width from grid view. Again, Lightroom reported problems (at the end of the export). But the files were there.

Finally, after having lost four hours to useless exports, I decided to take the downsized image files I had created before and resize them in, gulp, ACDSee 6.0. What a great tool. Resizing took just a few minutes, and no silly reporting of “missing files”. Then I moved the resized photos to the web gallery created by Lightroom. Worked like a charm.

My tip: if you are looking to export from Lightroom to a web gallery, you better check the results thoroughly. And have a high-end tool like ACDSee 6 (or higher) available for some cleanup work should Lightroom refuse to do the job!

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