A short message for those blog spammers

Listen guys, you really don’t get it, huh? It is completely useless to spam my blog with your spammy badly worded and grammatically incorrect comments. I will never approve comments like

where can I found good power leveling site?hey, where can I found good cheap power leveling provider?I suggest cheap wow power leveling or world of worldcraft power leveling.do want you try wow power leveling

not just because you can hardly write a correct sentence, but also because my site has nothing (really!) to do with power leveling. It is all about photography and travel, but not about power leveling. So keep your &%$&/%($ to yourself and pester someone else.

WordPress has a neat function to mass delete spammy entries, by the way. Makes deleting this crap easy. So, believe me, there is really no point in leaving comments.

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