Climategate – go figure!

So, now it’s official: the “fact” that CO2 emissions cause global warming can not be proven. E-mails leaked by a whistleblower from the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University (Norfolk, UK) tell an ugly story of the state of climate research. This research has been the reason for many laws (or ridiculous ideas for new legislation) and has lead to changes to our way of living (classical lightbulbs anyone?). Now researchers have to admit that they know – nothing!

I have always been a sceptic, because of the speed and willingness of governments to jump on this topic. It must have been too tempting to finally get control over the citizens, to further regulate and control our lives, and ultimately to extract more tax money from us.

Please read my previous post on The CO2 Scam (from 2007) and my review of Michael Crichton’s excellent novel State of Fear. Published in 2004, Crichton de-masked the whole global warming story as a scam long before Climategate could actually prove it.

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