Oktoberfest 2008 can come!

Only Two at Sieber Tent
The band “Only Two” performs at the Sieber Tent 2007

The Oktoberfest 2007 is history by now. Yesterday, the 174th edition of the traditional beerfest ended in Munich after 16 days of beer and fun, ompah music and Lederhosen. Munich’s Lord Mayer tells us that it was a record-breaking Wies’n, at least in terms of beer consumption: 6.7 million liters of beer have been sold (and probably also been drunk), as much as never before in the beerfest’s long history. At 6.2 million visitors, the fest could not attract the crowds like last year though. Then again, the 2006 fest lasted two days longer due to a bank holiday. All-in-all, the visitors spent this year about 1 billion Euros, so the economical importance of the Oktoberfest can not be denied. No wonder that the tent owners are happy.

The 2008 Oktoberfest will be opened on September 20th, and it will last through October 5th, with 16 days again being just a “short” fest. But it will be the 850th birthday of the city of Munich, so we expect the fest to be even more attractive and spectacular than before.

If you have missed this years fest, here is my Oktoberfest coverage on this blog. If you want to come in 2008, you may find valuable tips inside the posts that help you with your trip planning:

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Here is my personal tip for next year: do not just visit the big tents! Go for the smaller tents as well. This year, we had a fantastic time at the Sieber Wurstbraterei tent. At about 400 seats the tent is significantly smaller than the big tents, but it has a true local feeling to it, almost like attending a big family party. The bands were really good, and the waitresses were much more relaxed than in the big tents. Which is good in many ways, but most importantly: you’ll get your beer much faster!

Look forward to seeing you next year in Munich!

P.S.: Wies’n Hit 2007 – I might have picked the wrong song. General consensus seems to be now that DJ Ötzi’s “Ein Stern (der Deinen Namen trägt)” has made it this year. I agree that this song was played more often by the bands in the big tents, but the “Lassosong” has certainly created more emotion (more cries, more dancing, more fun). So, let’s called it a very good 2nd place. :-)

2 Responses to “Oktoberfest 2008 can come!”

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for tips. I am going for the first time this year, will arrive on oct 2 or 3. will my lack of the German language be much of a problem for me? Would it help to take a crash course before I go?

    Thanks – jeff

  2. admin says:

    Jeff, I do not think that you need a crash course. I believe that your average guidebook should do the trick. Then again, you can always open the hearts of the people when speaking their language. But it’s not necessary to survive Oktoberfest. :-)