Oktoberfest – 2nd week

Out little local fest called Oktoberfest is moving fast into its second week. Personal damages so far have been minor, but I got my usual Oktoberfest cold – it’s warm and cozy during the day, so you take only light clothes, and hot and sweaty in the tents, and then, when you get out (probably a bit drunk), you underestimate the coolness of the air. The cold hits you hard one or two days later. *cough* But other than that, the first Oktoberfest week was great.

By now we also survived the scared second weekend, which is also widely known as Italians Weekend, because usually the fest is packed with Italians who drive all the way to Munich in their motorhomes, flooding the Theresienwiese and the rest of the city. Fortunately, the rainy weather cleared up on Saturday, so that at least the grass next to the Oktoberfest could be used for a nap. The locals call this area also the “throw-up-grass”. Uh, yes, they are right. The wind blew a slight smell over to me, and it was not a good one…

Oktoberfest - taking a nap
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Oktoberfest Sleeping
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Oktoberfest - Drunk beyond belief
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

These photos were taken on Sunday at about 3 pm, so one can only imagine what might have happened in the morning, right after the tents were opened. By now I can safely say that I will be glad once this Oktoberfest is over again. Which is funny in a way, because you anticipate the Fest starting around May/June once the reservations are assigned, then come the Wies’n Warmup fests and events, and then – when it’s finally there – you have enough after half of the time.

Anyway, if you are still planning to come over to the Oktoberfest, please don’t let these photos stop you! The weather is fine, the beer is good, and the mood is great.

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