Wies’n Hit 2007

Mark Zanzig/zettpress

Those who are regular visitors to the Oktoberfest know about the tradition of finding the Wies’n Hit each year, the most popular new addition to the Oktoberfest songbook.

This year, I’d put my money on Olaf Henning’s “Lassosong” – a fairy tale remembering the innocent days of childhood (“Come get the lasso, we’re going to play cowboy and indian, we’re riding like a storm, without rest or destination. Once you’ve caught me, I will surrender, be put to the totem pole…”).

This song has all the characteristics of a Wies’n Hit – powerful rhythm, easy to remember text in German (not too bright), and a nice little dance you can perform even when dancing drunk on benches. Yep, that’s the Wies’n Hit 2007. :-)

2 Responses to “Wies’n Hit 2007”

  1. Anton says:

    You rock! What a song! Just got back from Oktoberfest and was trying to find the name of the song – I thought they were bunny/rabbit ears not indians wearing feathers! Thanks!!

    Now if only I could find the lyrics in German… hmm

  2. admin says:

    Anton, have a look at the Max City Guide and their Wies’n Special. It’s a German site, but they’ve got the full text. Right now, two days before the end of Oktoberfest, the Lassosong has 49.8% of all the votes. :-)