What to wear to Oktoberfest?

Due to the high amount of traffic this page has been receiving, we decided to move it to a new location on it’s own server at oktoberfest-insider.com, a site that is also run by Mark.

Please click here to get directly to the page that explains what to wear to Oktoberfest (don’t worry, it’s the same content, and it’s printer-friendly, too). :-)

One Response to “What to wear to Oktoberfest?”

  1. Pete says:


    Great job on this page and the photos you have taken. Unless you object, I would like to link to some of your pages. We have a contingent of 4 going to the Wies’n this year but we expect the group to expand over time. We set up a web-site for mainly our own amusement (you’ll know what I mean when you see the site) but we also want to provide useful information to our group. Thanks for all the great work!!!!