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Another month has gone by, and I am again taking a look at your questions in the log files. This month I would like to focus on questions that ask for specific locations. I went the extra mile for you and looked up the locations on Google Maps. Convenient, huh?

1. Where are the worst drivers in the world?

Well, this is quite easy: Rome, Italy. I do not have numerical proof for that, but a brief look at the chaotic traffic will tell you the truth. We saw four minor accidents in just one day. And you’ll hardly find a car without dents in Rome.

Photos of Rome, Italy
Rome on Bing Maps

Strasbourg/Alsace, La Petit France
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

2. Where is Alsace, France?

Alsace is located at the eastern border of France, towards Germany. In the north of Alsace you have Weißenburg, in the south of Alsace you have Basel. As you can imagine, the area is very german while it officially belongs to France. In many restaurants and hotels you may order in German, and many people work across the border. It is a beautiful destination for a short trip, say up to a week, depending on what you want to do (it’s a good place for wine tasting, eating out, hiking, and wellness).

Photos of Alsace, France
Alsace on Bing Maps

3. Where is Lake Garda in Italy?

This all time classic has been answered before, but as this question is so popular – here is the again the answer: Lake Garda is located in the north of Italy, close to Austria, and just a few hours by car from Germany. The perfect spot for a weekend break, especially when it is already/still too cold in Germany or Austria. :-)

Photos of Lake Garda, Italy
Lake Garda on Bing Maps

4. Where is Pienza in Italy?

This small town is located in Tuscany, south of Florence and Siena. It is a beautiful spot and well worth a visit. An overnight stay gives you the chance to experience the town without the day tourists, which is certainly a very good experience! Just enjoy good Italian food and wine in one of the taverns, and mingle with the Italians.

Photos of Pienza, Italy
Pienza on Bing Maps

5. Where is Sorrento in Italy?

Sorrento is located just south of Naples, about an hours drive by car, depending on the number of photo stops you do. :-) What can I say? It is beautiful. It is completely different than Naples. And it is certainly worth to stay a few days! If you are still unsure whether to go there, just have a look at the photos.

Photos of Sorrento, Italy
Sorrento on Bing Maps

View across Bologna
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

6. Why is Bologna called the “Red City”?

Two reasons actually: (a) the roofs of the houses are all red (just have a look from the satellite perspective), and (b) the city has been ruled by the left wing (i.e. red) party for a very long time (which can’t be displayed on Google Maps).

Photos of Bologna, Italy
Bologna on Bing Maps

7. How far is Macduff from Cullen in Scotland?

About 13 miles, according to Bing Maps.

Photos of Macduff area in Scotland
Route from Macduff to Cullen on Bing Maps

So, I sincerly hope this was useful and/or entertaining for some of you. Keep your questions coming, I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge!

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