Helping Denisse

It all started with a friendly mail from Denisse that hit my mailbox yesterday morning:

I really loved and enjoyed your photos of Namibia, but most of all, I enjoyed your stories at the bottom of each photo and that beautiful photo of Petra where you said “Petra is happy, I am happy, and yes, I love her”. It almost made me cry…

My husband and I are visiting Namibia for the first time next month (March 2007) to celebrate our first anniversary, and I was wondering if you did your trip (organized it, arranged it, etc…) through a travel agent/tour operator? We are going on our own and plan on not using a tour/guide company, just rent a 4x4WD equipped for camping and simply hit the road!  Is this advisable or would you recommend we use a tour company? We have been around a bit (South and Central America, Australia and Asia), but never to the African continent, hence I am not sure what to expect….. Being Dominican, I have to say that I am a bit intimidated by Africa.

I hope you have time to drop me a line or two with your thoughts about self-driving/self guiding in Namibia.

I replied to her with some tips, giving Petra the full credit for arranging the tour, and that she should not be intimidated by Namibia. I recommneded that they get a 4×4 for their trip.

She was quite happy that I did reply to her (taking her fears to travel to Namibia), and she replied, explaining her trip in greater detail. Just from her email, I felt that this must be a wonderful trip! I told her so, and a few mails further on, she finally even posted her planned itinerary. I had a look and suggested some (minor) improvements. After some discussions with her husband, they finally came to an excellent trip plan:

March 31 – Windhoek
April 1 – Otjibamba Lodge
April 2, 3, 4, 5 – Etosha National Park
April 6 – Twyfelfontein
April 7 – Cape Cross
April 8-9 – Swakopmund (The Stiltz B&B)
April 10-11 – Namib Desert Lodge
April 12-13 – Sossusvlei
April 14 – Mariental
April 15 – Windhoek
April 16 – (departure to home)

So, Denisse and her husband will be in Namibia soon, and I sincerly hope that their trip is going to be as exciting as it sounds. And I hope that they experience the country like we did – very friendly, full of beautiful nature, with a hint of adventure.

Tips for your trip to Namibia
All addresses on one printer-friendly page
Map of our 2 week trip to Namibia

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