Italia – Much More!

Source: ENIT/Youtube

Petra and I are big fans of Italy. Been there about every other year for at least a long weekend trip, and of course, for a long trip back in 2000.

Recently, the official Italian Tourism Board (ENIT) has started a new $13 million advertising campaign to help the Italian tourism industry through the economical crisis. And yes, I have to say – I like it very much, no, make that: I just love it. The campaign claims “Italia – much more”, and this is absolutely true. ENIT uploaded a couple of their clips to Youtube and launched a website for the campaign (which I find somewhat boring).

Anyway, my personal favorite is the long version of the campaign clip (also as HQ version).

That clip is so emotional and rich; add to that the fast pace, the sights, and the soundtrack, and I have to admit that it works. After watching these clips, I want to go to Italy immediately. (Well done, ENIT!) Now, this year we will be heading for Nova Scotia, but maybe in September we can hop over to Tuscany for a short stay again. It’s definitely worth it, because Italy offers so much more. ;-)

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