Mike Rome, Ravenna, and one of my photos

You probably know that situation, whether you are a photographer, a salesman, or an accountant. Every now and then something hits your mailbox that really makes your day. Or at least makes you smile. Like a sparkle in the darkness of the boring, never ending stream of e-mails.

It happened to me yesterday. But I should start at the beginning…

Back in April this year, I received a mail from an artist, Mike Rome, asking politely for the permission to use one of my photos as base for one of his paintings. The photo in question was a shot from our Trip to Italy:

Ravenna Town Center
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

It’s the pedestrian zone in the town center of Ravenna, and positively not one of my greatest shots. I thought “heck, if it inspires Mike – why not?”. Also, I have to admit that I was surprised (and glad too) to see that he actually asked, and so I happily gave permission.

And then I forgot about his mail. Until yesterday, when Mike wrote another e-mail telling me that he had completed the work on the picture:

Mike Rome - Ravenna Painting
© Mike Rome/used by permission

Mike is now going to participate in a competition in Chichester, UK (which makes perfect sense as the city is twinned with Ravenna). The competition will take place at the Old Court Room of the Town Council Building (Map). If you happen to be in Chichester area from 8th to 10th August, maybe you just drop in and have a look at Mike’s work. Alternatively, you can always visit his website that shows some of his work.

Mike Rome with his Ravenna Painting
© Mike Rome/used by permission

Mike, I wish you good luck for the competition. And thanks, mate, for the nice mail that made my day. :-)

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