Relaunch of USA Gallery

OK, today I need to blow my own horn: I just relaunched the USA Gallery and uploaded 233 new scans of the existing photos, replacing the old scans. I think the difference is definitely visible – just compare these two images…

Monument Valley (old scan)

Monument Valley (new scan)
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

I think the new scan (below) is way better than the old one (above).

And so, across the board, the new scans are much closer to the original slides in terms of color, brightness and saturation – and thus much closer to reality! :-) The larger versions have been saved from Photoshop with the sRGB color profile embedded, so that your browser should display the images fine no matter what. All this comes with one minor drawback, though: The average file size of the larger images has increased from about 68 KB to 91 KB, a 33% increase! However, with broadband access on the rise in the U.S. and in Europe, I am sure that you will prefer the improved image quality over the download speed.

And now please feel free to visit the revamped USA Gallery.

Oh, and should you wonder how I did the slide scans, please visit my step-by-step guide on slide scanning.

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