Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Canon announced yesterday the brand new EOS 1D Mark III, the replacement for the EOS 1D Mark II N. The specs look awesome: Canon increased the picture size to 10 megapixel (from 8), while at the same time increasing the speed to 10 frames per second (from 8) and up to 110 consecutive shots! Incredible.

The new body also features “Live View” on a 3-inch LCD monitor, i.e. you can view the viewfinder image on the monitor and do not have to use the viewfinder. They also improved the shutter lifetime (now 300,000 photos), and included the new EOS ICS (Integrated Cleaning System) for the sensor. All-in-all these are very useful improvements.

Canon USA says the product will be available “from April 2007″ (while Canon Germany already says “from May 2007″), so it remains to be seen when you really can get your hands on the product. At 4,300 Euro RRP (about US$5,650), the price seems to be a bit higher than the 1D mark II N, but I think the camera settles nicely between the 1D mark II N and 1Ds mark II.

I won’t drop my 1D Mark II N for the new body, simply because the improvements are not enough to justify such a step. I seldomly make use of the 8 fps I have now, and often I scale images down to 2,000 x 3,000 pixels in order to get the file sizes down, so having 10 instead of 8 megapixel is nice but not required. For high-end stuff I use the 1Ds Mark II anyway (16.7 megapixel).

It’s interesting to see though, that Canon did an evolutionary improvement, apparently listening very closely to the market. I guess the new body will be a big success (among press photographers anyway).

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