Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 available

Almost four months after the first release of Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe has now silently released an update to its picture management software – upgrading version 1.0 to 1.1 (download). If you are using a registered version of Lightroom 1.0, you can just install the update over the existing installation. Worked like a charm for me.

Now, let’s have a look, which of the bugs that I have found have been fixed. Some of the bugs can not be checked right now as they seemed to appear just occasionally. Please re-visit this blog post for an update over the next few weeks.


  1. Lr freezes occasionally upon logon to Windows after previous sleep mode [fixed]
  2. Undo function does not work properly [not fixed]
  3. Lr freezes occasionally after a large number of images has been edited [fixed]
  4. Lr does not import all files from a CF card [fixed]
  5. Entering a long caption triggers an error [fixed]
  6. Behaviour of Tab key in Development Mode [not fixed]
  7. Use settings from previous image does not always work [not fixed]
  8. Navigating to the next image applies the settings of the previous image [fixed]
  9. Help does not work [fixed]
  10. Lr does not support Photoshop 7.0 [fixed]

Feature Requests / Improvement Suggestions / Annoyances

  1. “Remove Dust” can not be applied intelligently to a batch of photos
  2. Right Scrollbar in Develop Mode [not implemented]
  3. Pasted Actions should be listed [not implemented]
  4. Lr does not show physical size in Loupe view [not implemented]

New Features / Changes

  1. Libraries are now called “Catalogs”
  2. Import and export catalogs
  3. Folder synchronization
  4. Enhanced DNG export settings
  5. Additional Metadata fields and presets [cool!]
  6. Hierarchical Template Folders
  7. Stamper Tool is now called “Painter Tool”
  8. Enhanced Remove Red Eye / Spots Tools [cool!]
  9. Additional “Develop” Settings [cool!]
  10. Image rendering algo [not cool?]

This last item on the image rendering algo has fostered a heated discussion at the official Adobe Lightroom forum. I will look into this myself and report back what I think about this.

Other than that, the update seems to be good and useful.

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