Nova Scotia – Here we come!

The decision has been made. This years’ big trip will lead us to beautiful Nova Scotia, the eastern most province of Canada. We’ve booked a connecting flight from Munich to Halifax, via Montreal. And then -three weeks later- we will fly back home from Montreal.

Why Nova Scotia? Well, we wanted to use up some of our Lufthansa bonus miles. But we did not want to spend them for flights that can be purchased for little money – no, we wanted to get the best punch for our collected miles. So we started to look at eastern Canada, which has always been on our top-ten wishlist. And Nova Scotia sounded like the perfect destination for us: The sea, unspoilt nature, beautiful sights, nice little villages, good food, and friendly and relaxed people. You name it – Nova Scotia has it. Well, we hope so anyway. :-)

So the planning has begun. And thanks to the friendly folks at Nova Scotia Tourism, it’s quite easy. They sent an excellent guide for our trip, 384 pages strong and full of valuable information. The guide is called “Doers’ & Dreamers’ 2009 Guide”, and it looks appealing the second you see it. (Are we doers or dreamers? No idea. I guess we are both.)

Doers’ & Dreamers’ 2009 Guide
Nova Scotia Tourism

But ultimately it’s the content that counts. And here they have done an outstanding job: all the accommodations have been listed, complete with contact information, brief directions how to get there, and tips for the trip. All this has been neatly grouped into meaningful sections that follow the eleven official Nova Scotia trails. Oh, if only all tourist boards around the world would recognize the value of such detailed material for the traveller!

They have put together interesting places and sites for various interest groups. I especially liked the section for photographers – “Great Photo Op Spots”. This will be a useful help for us as we will be doing a full trip report for one of the magazines we’re freelancing for. Of course, you can also expect a couple of images “off the beaten path” which add spice to our story.

Anyway, we look very much forward to this journey. If you’re interested to read more, keep checking back at the end of the summer.

Recommended Sites (official site)
The Nova Scotia Discussion Group and Photo Pool on Flickr

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