Hilarious: Flickr wins “Best Practices” Award

The recent Flickr filtering discussion (more here, here and here) did not stop The Webby Awards to select Flickr for the award in the category “Best Practices”. The Academy members think of themselves as “an intellectually diverse organization” with celebrities such as David Bowie, Vint Cerf, Matt Groening, Richard Branson, and many many more on the board.

Apparently, these folks are not familiar with (or maybe even approve) the recent practices of Flickr to not announce important changes to the service (like filtering images from users in four countries) and the truly horrible service Flickr provided recently to their paying customers (e.g. by not answering questions for days, or by not announcing a general refund policy for unhappy members who want to leave the service in the light of the changes).

Flickr sees itself in a nice group of winners, though: KFC’s Flavor Station received an award (“Restaurant”), Know Menopause (“Pharmaceuticals”) too, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Experience Paris-Beijing (“Events”), to name just a few. Ah, and Youtube’s unforgettable Lonelygirl15 received the award as “Best Actress”. Hilarious!

Congratulations, Flickr! Way to go! Keep up the good work!

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