Lightroom 2.3 available

It’s that time of the month again – Adobe has released Lightroom 2.3, the update to the bug-ridden version 2.2 that annoyed photographers since before Christmas. Read the full list of changes.

Adobe had to face harsh critics for the massive problems that 2.2 brought and thus did a longer beta testing of 2.3 as “release candidate” in the hope to stress test the version prior to commercial release. Whether or not this has helped with the quality will be soon emerge from the comments in the Adobe Lightroom Forum.

As always, I recommend to stay away from this minor release (and the hefty 130 MB download) until the software has proven to be solid, i.e. after it has been at least three weeks “in the wild”. The obvious exception is when you are using 2.2 – there can only be improvement from that version.

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