Beautiful Unterhaching

Sometimes it is just great to wake up and be greeted by a beautiful scenery, featuring trees that reach out to the blue sky while the morning fog still creeps along. All of this right in front of your house at no extra charge. You just have to open the windows, grab a camera, and take the photo.

Canon 1Ds mk III, EF 70-200/2.8L @ 125mm, 1 sec., f/16, ISO 100
Mark Zanzig/

Yesterday morning I had to grab a tripod as well to get the full sharpness of f/16 at ISO 100. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to shoot a whole second. :-)

Anyway, ever since we moved to the village of Unterhaching, which is situated just a few minutes south of Munich, I had this happen quite frequently. I really appreciate to start a day like this – to be inspired by nature, and to get a feeling of being a part of it. Somehow.

Have a nice day!

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