Matt Harding is coming to Munich!

Good news for those who like to meet Matt Harding, the guy who became extremely popular by just dancing (badly) in some exotic places around the world (read more about this here): Matt is coming to Munich! Hoorah! He sent an e-mail earlier today:

Because I got so many responses from Germany (more than anywhere else in Europe), we’ve decided to shoot two clips; one in Cologne (Köln) and one in Munich.

First, I’ll be dancing at 18:00h on June 13th at the Cathedral (Kölner Dom) in Cologne.  We will be meeting at the spot on the Google map which we hope is the plaza out in front of the Cathedral (Domplatte).

After that I’ll be dancing at 15:00h on June 16th in the Monopteros in the English Garden in Munich.  We will be meeting at the spot on the Google map.

The last video was about places. This one is really about people. So I’m not too concerned about the background, I just want a place where we can gather peaceably and dance badly without getting arrested.

Not only will Matt be coming to dance with us, but he has even more good news for his fans:

My sponsor is donating one US dollar to charity for each person who signs a release and dances with me.

Feel free to invite friends to come with you and dance. Just make sure everyone is okay with signing the release form.

When you get to the spot, look for the guy who looks like the guy in the dancing video. I should be standing with Melissa, who is 5 foot 2 with brown hair. Just come on over and say hello.

Thanks for the heads up, Matt, and meet you at the Monopteros next week! By the way, you should throw in a bad dancing at the Olympic Stadium as well, as Herbert Grönemeyer, one of Germany’s top musicians, will be performing in front of 10,000s of fans. And yes, he definitely is a bad dancer. :-)

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