Welcome to my new WordPress blog

Back in May 2006, I opened my first blog for Zanzig.com. I wanted to learn about blogging and to use a format that was different from the rest of my site. In fact, I wanted to write about developments on the site and other random musings that came into my mind. So I opened an account with Blogger.com and I ran the blog zanzig.blogspot.com for the past nine months. The blogging experience was so positive, that I soon found myself blogging regularly.

Blogger.com was easy enough, and it did exactly what I wanted, in a simple, easy-to-use interface. But then Google (the new owners of Blogger) forced a new system upon the Blogger community. They called it “the New Blogger”, and guess what? After switching to the New Blogger, I saw sloooowwwwww loading times, and pictures would often not load at all. Sometimes crytic error messages would appear. (Read more about the Blogger.com problems in this awesome post by Gregg Scott). And I started to re-think my blog strategy. But unlike Gregg, I would not wait another 187 days until Google/Blogger fix their systems.

And so I switched to WordPress. :-)

A big thank you to the WordPress team for providing a reliable software for free.

2 Responses to “Welcome to my new WordPress blog”

  1. Gregg Scott says:

    Hi Mark,

    I really appreciate the link to my, until now, obscure one-man crusade! Maybe I am a fool to wait that long. I am dreading the new learning curve and the discomfort of change. But every day poses new challenges with Blogger.

    I will keep an eye out as to how you make out. I will link to you in an upcoming post.

    The latest ridiculousness: Try out the ‘Next Blog’ button on someone’s Navigation Bar or from Blogger’s Home page. There is a blogger who has registered many, many blog URLs that forward to a site owned by someone in Romania. That was detailed back in November on Blogger Help Group. Nothing has been done.

    The other offender is a site that directs you to another site at blogspot.com where he has implemented another Search Bar above Bloggers and you cannot navigate away from it no matter how hard you try.

    It is hard to believe a corporation like Blogger would carelessly turn over the keys to these blatant and abusive spammers who have no respect or regard for the blogging community.

    Gregg Scott

  2. Nancy Unger says:

    What a wonderful website you have – many thanks for the enchanting photo tour of Italy and Scotland.

    You are very talented!! I have sent your link to my friends so they too may enjoy one of your tours.

    Best regards, Nancy (New York USA)